The benefits of playing piano

It has long been recognized that playing a musical instrument can have a  profound effect on the body and mind.
Playing piano can help us concentrate, relax, sharpen our mind and can be a wonderful creative escape from the hustle a bustle of our daily routines.

The body and mind

Research has found that regular piano playing can reduce stress, improve immune response, and in older students can have a significant effect on the levels on human growth hormone, slowing down the adverse effects of aging.
Studying piano has also been shown to improve the memory and develop perseverance and creativity.
In students of early years, studies have found that regular music practice can make structural changes to the brain which last a lifetime and help with the learning of many other subjects.
Fine motor skills are developed and hand eye coordination improved when regular playing is implemented, giving the brain a full workout!
Not to mention the fun and enjoyment of creating music!